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Ep. 149 - Neil Mirchandani - Marketing

Neil Mirchandani / Luxury Lounge & Lighting

Neil Mirchandani is the Founder and CEO of Luxury Lounge & Lighting.  He started as a teenager in the special events industry, DJing parties and renting small audio systems.  Throughout his college days at KSU, he continued growing his knowledge in the event industry and founded LLL.  The company is known for rentals of furniture, dance floors, specialty chairs, lighting, drapery, and much more.

In 2017, Neil arranged the acquisition of POHP Events in an effort to gain more market share and propel growth. Today, Luxury Lounge & Lighting has a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse of rental inventory and the company services over 1,000 events annually.



Ted Jenkin /Oxygen Financial

Chris Hanks

Tim Ray / United Intentions Foundation

Neil Mirchandani / Luxury Lounge & Lighting

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