The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Ep. 15 - Michael Houser - CEO of Electronic Eye Security, Inc.

Michael Houser / Electronic Eye Security

Electronic Eye Security—Delivering Peace of Mind As you go about your business each day, do you ever stop to consider if you’re safe? How about the people and things you care about… are they really protected from danger? Michael Houser, founder of Electronic Eye Security (“EES”), cautions Orange County businesses and residents to “get their heads out of the sand when it comes to security.” Many communities seem safe, but things are often not what they seem. Simply check out your local police blotter for the one-mile radius around your home or business. You’ll probably find the results as jarring as getting a pitcher of ice cold water dumped in your lap.

Known today as “The Security Genius,” Houser knew from a young age that he was destined to be an entrepreneur. It was in his blood, so to speak. His father was an electrician who built his own business. As a boy Houser not only worked with his dad, but he’d also pick up side jobs whenever he could. The extra cash gave him the freedom to pursue interests like Jujitsu—the martial art that taught him both the discipline and focus that have been essential to building a successful business. It was while working for his dad that the young Houser got his first glimpse into the world of security. His father’s company picked up an account that included a security component. Since security was not a core competency, Michael rolled up his sleeves and learned everything he needed to know to successfully configure the security systems. While young Houser was attending trade school, he met somebody who explained that the money in security wasn’t in the installation, but rather in the back-end of providing alarm monitoring and great service. That opened his eyes to the possibilities of building a thriving business and drove him to launch Electronic Eye Security in 1989.

Today, EES serves affluent Orange County residential communities as well as commercial businesses that have more than $1 million in inventory and/or more than 10,000 SF. Intelligent design is what sets EES apart. Houser and his team of specialists begin with a 72-point security audit to uncover hidden vulnerabilities. Then, they customize a proactive security plan that meets the unique needs of the customer. One of the biggest issues in security is false alarms. In fact, Houser likened city fines for false alarms to “progressive jackpots.” The more your alarm goes off, the more you pay. EES understands the security nuances that can lead to false alarms and is careful to install measures to protect against them. That’s why EES promises to pay for its clients’ false alarms—a practice that is virtually unheard of in the security industry. According to Houser, “We really stick our neck out by offering to pay for false alarms. If we didn’t know what we were doing, it could cost a lot of money.”

The biggest risk EES’ commercial clients face is internal theft. Houser says, “Prevention is the key to security.” EES helps clients through an interactive security system featuring surveillance capabilities. The system gives business owners and managers an eagle eye into what’s going on as it happens. Houser said, “It’s the push technology that makes this possible. If an employee enters the office at 2am, the principal is notified on his smart device.” Or, if you want to check on something as basic as ensuring all the lights were turned off at the office, you can—and you have the power to turn them off with the touch of a button. EES was an early adapter in mobile security applications. He said, “One of the things really unique about being a small business is that, unlike a big giant security company, we can turn on a dime. When technology shifts it can take big companies years to integrate, where somebody like EES is nimble and can quickly implement new technology that’s going to benefit my clients. EES has adapted to the interactive security systems while many of the big-name alarm companies are still using P.O.S. Now, that doesn’t stand for what you think it does—it means plain old security!”

The EES difference is transparent in its success stories—like one regarding a major online fashion retailer. Employees were not following security procedures, placing boxes smack dab in front of infrared sensors, rendering them practically useless. On top of that, product was being stored on the loading dock within one foot of the overhead door. Because the sensors were blocked, the alarms did not engage when a thief cut a hole in an overhead door and ripped off over $100,000 of inventory. After the loss, EES worked with this company to integrate a proactive security system. In front of the dock, they installed cameras that have the ability think and integrate video analytics. Any time a person or vehicle comes near the dock the cameras understand what is going on and triggers an event to the Central Station, where the team can see what’s happening. To deter theft, the voice of a Central Station team member comes over a loud speaker in the dock area warning the person or vehicle to leave the area immediately or the police will be dispatched. Since installing the system, there have been no additional thefts.



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