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Ep. 151 - Mark McGraw - Buyer Psychology

Mark McGraw / Sandler Training

Mark McGraw is the owner of Sandler Training | Sales Engine, LLC. After climbing the corporate ladder for 17 years, Mark got the itch to start his own business and become an entrepreneur by providing sales training and coaching to companies. After only 12 years as a Sandler Coach, Mark earned a position in the Sandler “hall of fame” by merit of the David H. Sandler Award in 2017. This esteemed recognition has only been given to 22 people in 40 years. To date, Mark has built 3 successful businesses and continues to love what he does. His ability to identify problems and define strategies for businesses of all sizes and  industries, combined with experience of corporate sales leadership and proprietorship, gives him the tools it takes to lead his clients to success.



Lee R. Heisman /Savant, LLC

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Mark McGraw / Sandler Training

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