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Ep. 152 - Morgan Lopes - Process Optimization

Morgan Lopes / Polar Notion

Morgan Lopes is an entrepreneur who leads Polar Notion, a digital brand experience team. They design and develop web and mobile apps for information, education, and influence based businesses. While he reluctantly accepts the title CEO, his role is to identify and amplify the strengths of each person who chooses to join their team.

As of 2016, Morgan has also been serving as CTO for New Story, a startup-minded nonprofit that is moving the needle on the global homelessness crisis. In just over 2 years, they’ve grown from one home in Haiti to over 800 homes around the world and have built the first 3D home printer in the US.

Along with his work at Polar Notion and New Story, he sites his greatest adventure as fathering two daughters and working to improve the world they’ll eventually inherit.



Lee R. Heisman /Savant, LLC

Chris Hanks

Morgan Lopes / Polar Notion

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