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Ep.153 - Jeff Brawand - Analyzing Company Growth

Jeff Brawand / CornholeATL

Jeff started playing cornhole years ago, while growing up in Cincinnati, OH. He moved to Atlanta in 2007 where he missed the sport and wanted to meet new friends. Since 2011 starting CornholeATL it has grown to over 5,000 playing every year across 16 locations in the Greater Atlanta (and Athens) area. Typically played at tailgates, this social sport has brought both fun and sport together for anyone of any age and gender. CornholeATL offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced divisions so that anyone can play and have fun! Jeff started the business by working to use the available inventory and turning it into other revenue streams, which helped to fund what was needed for the leagues. Check them out at



Ted Jenkin /Oxygen Financial

Chris Hanks

Jeff Brawand / CornholeATL

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