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Ep. 156 - Chris Tuff - Motivating Millennials

Chris Tuff / The Millennial Whisperer

Chris Tuff is a partner at the advertising agency 22squared in Atlanta, GA where he took a team of millennials from an “investment” to a major profit center in short order. He started his career as one of the first marketers to focus on helping startups, including Facebook in 2005. Since then, he’s become a sought-after leader in the digital marketing space, having been featured on the front of the Wall Street Journal, in Fast Company, and consistently in advertising trade production features, including Adage and Advertising Weekly. When Chris isn’t working, he kiteboards, mountain bikes, run, and spends quality time with his wife and two daughters.



Lee R. Heisman /Savant, LLC

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Chris Tuff / The Millennial Whisperer


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