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Ep. 160 - Bradley Sherwood - Building Brands Through Digital Marketing

Bradley Sherwood / Mighty 8th Media

Bradley Sherwood has been in the creative marketing industry for over 20 years.

Bradley’s artistic talents were always encouraged by his mother and father — something he’s very grateful for as he laughs, “My sister got the math and science in our family. I believe my high school advisor tried to guide me towards the funeral industry.” Art has always been a part of Bradley’s life, showing strong ability at a very young age and winning competitions and awards and even painting ceiling murals in homes through his college years. Now he’s known for work that is packed with artistic style and rich detail–blending the history of a bygone era with the clean, inviting feel of modern design.

“My parents gave me excellent guidance. My mother, an amazing artist, always pushed my talent, letting me know when things were good and also when they could improve. My father was an extremely hard-working man who ran a pharmacy for over 40 years. His advice to ‘always take care of those in your business and they will take care of you’ is something that I apply to Mighty 8th Media every day.”

Bradley believes that it’s the people in the business that make it great. Everyone brings different strengths and talents, but when you find the right mix, it can be something incredible.



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Bradley Sherwood / Mighty 8th Media

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