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Ep. 175 - Emily Heisman - Finding Your Healthiest Life

Emily Heisman / Heisman Fitness

Emily Heisman, founder of Heiman Fitness LLC, has eight years of experience in health education, fitness instruction and wellness coaching for corporate and individual clients. She focuses on planting brain health into her clients lives which in return facilitates elevated daily choices. Her goal is to inspire wellness and see each client thriving in ways they never thought possible. With a few health hacks up her sleeve, she is innovative and progressive in the wellness field, and can help her clients achieve goals without feeling the treacherous struggle of traditional weight loss journeys. As a mom of three girls with a hectic lifestyle, her goal is to simplify the process of healthy living by teaching others how to stay the path while managing life’s daily challenges. Her unwavering devotion for healthy living will surely inspire you in some way or the other!



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Emily Heisman / Heisman Fitness