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Ep. 19 - Marty Schultz – Co-founder of Blindfold Games

Marty Schultz / Blindfold Games

Marty Schultz is a mentor-speaker, angel fund investor, award-winning innovator and has bootstrapped and grown over five companies in his career.   He started an enterprise messaging company in the 1990’s and took it public prior to the Internet explosion, and he built one of the first software-as-a-service companies, and recently sold it in a strategic acquisition.

His current hobby is building accessible audio games for the blind.  To date, his company, Blindfold Games, has released over 80 games that promote learning through gamification.  The games are enjoyed by over 20,000 people from 7 to 70 years old, and recently surpassed the 500,000th download.

A firm believer in sharing his knowledge with others, Marty mentors entrepreneurs and has presented at several startup and venture capital conferences.  He holds a certificate from Harvard Business School and degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.



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Marty Schultz / Blindfold Games

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