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Ep. 21 - Brian Javeline - CEO of MyOnlineToolbox

Brian Javeline / MyOnlineToolbox

Brian is a serial entrepreneur who is President & Co-founder of MyOnlineToolbox, the #1 Online Marketing & Website SEO Education Series for the Construction and Remodeling industry. In addition to the educational classes, they offer Strategic Marketing Planning to clearly define your goals with an emphasis towards online objectives. Brian’s #1 Business was software for the Apparel Industry that became an IBM success story. His previous venture before MyOnlineToolbox went from a concept to just under 20,000 users before he sold his interests to form MyOnlineToolbox. Brian then obtained a handful of investors to help create MyOnlineToolbox and in a few short years has become a leading force in helping contractors Get More Quality Leads.



Jason Hill / Client Focused Advisors

Kevin Cox / Adams Center for Entrepreneurship at FAU

Brian Javeline / MyOnlineToolbox

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