Ep. 40 – Kevin Mills – Founder of PlayCzar, LLC
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Kevin Mills / PlayCzar, LLC

Kevin Mills is a product designer, artist, inventor and master craftsman with 25 years of experience designing and building limited-production and one-of-a-kind solutions for fine art museums, children’s museums, furniture boutiques, private aircraft, and a permanent 4-ton bronze monument at the Hoover Dam.

Kevin taught Design Fundamentals and Experimental Lighting in the College of Architecture at the University of Arizona before becoming the Director of Exhibits at the Tucson Children’s Museum in 2009. In his six years at the museum, he successfully conceived of and implemented over a half million dollars worth of hands-on learning apparatus designed to engage and inform through play.

In 2015, Kevin moved from Tucson to Bainbridge Island to launch PlayCzar LLC, a design / build consortium who’s purpose is to foster innovation in childhood development through play-based hands-on learning initiatives. Working with the Children’s Museum on Bainbridge Island and as a leading member of the North American Adventure Play Association, PlayCzar is steering the development of a state-of-the-art, scrappy, outdoor ‘Maker Space’. PlayCzar is also exploring unlikely uses for improbable materials in a quest to develop product lines to support the ‘Loose Parts’ movement.

Kevin likes to imagine that in the coming decade, a ‘play renaissance’ will take root, inspiring industrious maker-kids who will take full ownership of their skills and resources to build a future of their own design.



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Kevin Mills / PlayCzar, LLC

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