Ep. 42 – Collin McReynolds – Founder/CEO of Crave Fuel LLC

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Collin McReynolds / Crave Fuel LLC

Collin was fed up with accepting less for herself. She was tired of feeling down, sleeping poorly, having low energy, and accepting that was “ok” because it was “normal.” What we eat is typically determined by either how we want to look or what we are craving. Collin believed these could and should be the same. Considering all the stress we carry with our busy lives, why should the food that fuels our days be a stressor? If what we craved could be the same food choices that pulled us toward optimal health and fit our busy lifestyles, why wouldn’t we? Collin created CRAVE – Fuel for Life to share this experience with the Central Arkansas community. CRAVE has been fueling health and human performance since 2014.



Rich Jensen BRS Consulting

Matt Haas / Solupay Payment Solutions

Collin McReynolds / Crave Fuel LLC

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