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Ep. 42 - Kelly Kincaid - Jetlagged Comic

Kelly Kincaid / Jetlagged Comic

Cartoonist, author and illustrator Kelly Kincaid is best known for her cartoon strip “Jetlagged Comic.” She’s the author of two books Airplane Mode and Jetway Reunion. In addition to cartooning, Kelly illustrates children’s books and develops creative design solutions for businesses.  She’s also a flight attendant for a major US carrier.

Kelly enjoyed art from a young age. As a child, she sketched daily and created cartoons about her life.  In high school she earned an artistic reputation, but never considered it a potential career choice. In college she pursued other passions and earned a bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and German from Western Washington University. After college she moved to Germany where she lived and taught English for two years.

In 2007 Kelly returned to the US and became a flight attendant, following in her mother’s footsteps. The job took her to Anchorage, Alaska where she met her husband who’s also a flight attendant. In 2008 her airline made cutbacks and she found herself temporarily laid off. In response, she started a small cleaning business which ran successfully for two years until her airline hired her back.  During this time Kelly’s interest in returning to art began to grow.

To redevelop her art skills, she took a beginning drawing class which set her on a self-teaching journey to become a professional illustrator and cartoonist. Armed with a little business savvy and the help of her husband, she founded K Squared Comics, LLC and started creating Jetlagged Comic, writing books and taking commission work for illustrations and business designs.

In 2012 she moved back to Seattle with her husband where they now live and work. They have two cats and enjoy sailing, improving their home and spending time with their family and friends.

Business Bio

Kelly Kincaid created Jetlagged Comic in 2012. It is a single-panel gag cartoon and is best known for resonating deeply with the lifestyles, on the job quirks and pet peeves of flight crews.  Initially it began without a cast of characters, but slowly a few characters developed. Today, Jetlagged fans follow the lives of flight attendants Rob, Wanda and sassy-mouthed Bev as they muscle through crowded aisles, target knees and elbows with the beverage cart and teach passengers how to open the lavatory doors.  Every cartoon deals with real situations that happen daily to flight crews and passengers. Jetlagged takes it one step further and adds a goofy and uniquely positive spin on an industry that is generally received in a negative light.  Jetlagged Comic receives praise from fans for being uplifting and a source of comic relief to get them through otherwise very stressful days at work.

Jetlagged made its first appearance on Facebook and quickly developed a large global following on social media among flight attendants, pilots and frequent flyers. Today it has a combined following of approximately 80,000 people. In response to its growing audience, Kelly self-published her first book of Jetlagged cartoons Airplane Mode in 2013 then later a second book Jetway Reunion in 2017.

Kelly has received domestic and international media attention for her work. Emirates, US Airlines, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, Frontier, American Airlines and Republic Airlines have all used Jetlagged cartoons either for training purposes or in print. Kelly has appeared on local Seattle news stations KING 5’s Evening Magazine, KOMO TV and Redmond Patch as well as California’s radio station KSDW 88.9 and WCNC of Charlotte North Carolina . She’s also been interviewed by various aviation websites and authors including World of CrewID90 Travel, and aviation author Karlene Petitt. Jetlagged Comic has been a featured article on and and voted Top 50 Cabin Crew blogs by Kelly is a member of Cartoonists Northwest where she served a year as Vice President and presented on Successful Social Media Practices for Cartoonists.

Kelly is also a regular aviation resource correspondent for Travel and Leisure Magazine, and TPG (

Jetlagged books, merchandise and original art are sold online at and wholesaled to various airport shops around the country. She licenses her comics on and receives regular commissions for custom cartoons, book illustrations and creative business designs for ads and logos.

Jetlagged Comic and Kelly Kincaid are registered trade names of K Squared Comics, LLC. K Squared Comics, LLC was founded in 2010 by Kelly Kincaid in Anchorage, Alaska, then later reregistered in Washington State in 2012.



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Kelly Kincaid / Jetlagged Comic

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