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Ep. 43 - Chad Lyons - Owner of Lyons Painting & Design, LLC

Chad Lyons / Lyons Painting & Design, LLC

Drawn to the majesty of the North Cascade Range and a thriving music scene, Chad Lyons and his wife Jamye moved to Seattle in 1994 in pursuit of the Rock & Roll Dream. Having grown up in the heavy heat of Southeast Texas, they quickly fell in love with the unmatched beauty and the unlimited access to mountain adventures that the Puget Sound Region has to offer. In October of 1998, their search for affordability and a more relaxed pace of life brought them to the Olympic Peninsula where Chad and Jamye purchased their first home in Kingston, Washington. Chad continued his pursuit of a music career, as well as his “day job” in restaurant management, in Seattle.

In 2001, Chad made a huge career shift and founded Chad Lyons Painting & Design. A few years later he formed a LLC and changed the name to Lyons Painting & Design, LLC. This was a return to the craft that he had worked in both in Texas and in Seattle. Though he started out as a one-man operation performing residential repaints, it was not long before Chad realized the need to hire employees in order to keep up with the demand.

Lyons Painting & Design, LLC specializes in installing architectural finishes and protective coatings to commercial and residential structures throughout the Greater Puget Sound Region. It is their purpose to bring unmatched value to each project by providing their clients an experience unparalleled by other contractors. At Lyons Painting & Design, they understand the fine balance between quality finishes and production schedules. Their highly trained and experienced craftsmen engage the industry’s best practices to achieve just that balance, providing their clients with the highest quality product within a given budget.

Over the past 17 years, Lyons Painting & Design has seen steady growth. They now employ 25 painters, an Estimating/Sales Team and an Operations Management Team. Their market is made up of 50% Commercial and 50% Residential projects; both new construction and repaints.

With the evolutionary growth of the company, Chad and Jamye make great efforts to pursue the things in life that matter most to them. In addition to the outdoor activities that drew them to the Northwest, they both love to travel.  Music remains a common interest for them both; them are likely to take in up to 30 live shows each year. Though it has been many years since Chad has performed music live, he still writes and records songs, with the hope that performing live might be on the horizon. It’s these such activities that provides Chad and his wife a balance between work and life.



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Chad Lyons / Lyons Painting & Design, LLC

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