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Ep. 46 - Jeff Hora - Social Sapiens

Jeff Hora / Social Sapiens

I have over 20 years’ experience as social media strategist and digital marketer, community strategist, builder and manager, educator, technologist, consultant and customer advocate. I practice collaborative leadership and dialogue designed to arrive at consensus across teams, geographies and business functions. My passion for clarity of message, dialogue, continuous improving processes and the “third way” to achieve goals has helped me work with businesses of all kinds and sizes. I have deep commitment to realize the Human-to-Human nature (communications, relationship and trust building) required to achieve real success as a business or community.

Before founding Social Sapiens, my corporate experience included 14 years at Microsoft in numerous roles, and follow-on stints with HTC (cell phone and portable device manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan) and SDL (a cloud-services company headquartered in Maidenhead, England). I’ve also taught computer programming at Edmonds Community College and Social Media Marketing at the University of Washington. Before my corporate life, I was a member of the U.S. Navy Music program as a performing musician, band leader, and operations office staff. I retired and then got to start my second career in tech in Seattle and Redmond.

I am deeply embedded in my regional business community in Kitsap County, Washington, living in the town of Poulsbo with my wife Carol and six (yes….6…) cats. I am:
· a member of the Poulsbo Rotary club, serving on their Professional Services committee
· a Director on the Board of the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce, serving as the head of their Marketing committee
· Vice President on the Council of the Poulsbo First Lutheran Church, along with being a member of their Renewal Team

I am committed to assisting entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, and various individuals and organizations in making their impact more effective and their businesses more vital.


Social Sapiens

Upon leaving my last corporate position over four years ago, a number of colleagues and mentors remarked on my expertise and passion in the areas of:
· digital communications
· online community
· being human online
· the psychology and sociology of online networks and relationships
· the impact, opportunity and dynamism of social media and digital communication

My experience with corporations and growing contacts with entrepreneurs and small businesses brought me to the conclusion that these single person and small business endeavors are horribly under-served in their digital marketing efforts, many times due to the simple fact that they are:
· consumed with making a living
· utterly bamboozled by the whiplash of digital marketing, and…
· convinced that they cannot afford professional help

The foundational philosophy is “Do Good”. Making sure that business goals are clear and that digital marketing strategy supports these goals in measurable and realistic ways….No Magical Thinking!

It is critical for a business to have its own unique voice online. Rising above the noise of the Internet and identifying yourself as a valued, trusted advisor to your clients in the crowded marketplace is the key to success.



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Jeff Hora / Social Sapiens

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