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Ep. 47 - Bill Peregrine - Earthdance Organics

Bill Peregrine / Earthdance Organics

Bill Peregrine, EPC and President of Earthdance Organics, is a designer, builder and care professional of organic and sustainable landscapes. He has a passion for understanding Nature’s natural systems and replicating those systems in the built landscape. With more than 30 years of horticultural experience, Bill has learned to listen to the growing desire for people to reconnect with Nature and has brought that connection right to his customers’ yards. Whether our properties are used for recreation, entertainment, food production, meditation, or giving back to Nature, Bill believes a healthier world starts with a healthier landscape.

Because of Bill’s passion to provide environmentally sound landscape services, he jumped at the chance to be certified as a “Sustainable Landscape Professional”, called “ecoPRO.” Today, Bill is a teacher of the ecoPRO certification program and continues to deepen his understanding of Nature in order to elevate his peers to deliver extraordinary landscapes to their customers. As a result, Bill now has close working relationships with 16 “Contractor Partners,” a program with his peers that continues to grow quickly.

Bill’s long history in horticultural was in full swing by the age of 16 when he ran a landscape maintenance company as well as a 20-acre mixed-produce farm. As someone who loves getting his hands dirty, Bill has always found personal fulfillment in working with Nature. Since his move to the Pacific Northwest in 1993, Bill — and the design/build teams he has led — have been honored with numerous awards for their work including “Best Landscaping” at the Seattle Street of Dreams, the prestigious “Judge’s Award” from the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals, and the “Environmental Award” by the Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association where he was a key-note speaker on sustainable practices at their annual conference.

Bill’s passion to help build a healthier world is clear in his commitment to his customers, peers, and community. Whether Bill is educating customers on sustainable land care practices, delivering key-note addresses to fellow peers at major conferences such as the Master Builders’ Built Green Conference, or Seattle’s Green Gardening Program, or building hands-on learning gardens in community spaces, Bill inspires others by sharing his knowledge of creating beautiful and vibrant landscapes that help us reconnect with Nature.



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Bill Peregrine / Earthdance Organics

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