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Ep. 48 - Sam Carrasquillo - Owner of SC Home

Sam Carrasquillo / SC Home

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sam Carrasquillo moved to Arkansas at age 16. With no friends, no money, and no English, Sam went door-to-door mowing grass and reading the dictionary in the evenings. At age 17, he opened his first company and purchased his first investment. Over the years, he has opened several businesses to compliment his original company, where he still serves as President.

Sam believes in giving back and giving often, which he does through sharing his story with other kids from similar backgrounds, volunteering, and as a member of several advocacy boards throughout central Arkansas.

Sam has a Bachelor of Business Administration both in Finance and in Real Estate, and an MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.



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Sam Carrasquillo / SC Home

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