Ep. 53 – Arti O’Brien – Advanced Government Services
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Arti O’Brien / Advanced Government Services

Arti is a self-driven and results oriented, strategic entrepreneur with 30 plus years of documented successes in business development, brand development and leading to increased sales.  She is a savvy negotiator leading to win/win results while effectively managing all facets of highly successful strategic initiatives. Arti comfortably interacts and effectively communicates across organizations and cross-cultures, leading to client recognition and confidence in results.  She is recognized by the South Business Magazine in 2018 as “Female Business Leaders You Need to Know”.

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Advanced Government Services has delivered traffic control and road safety services to Western Washington since 2003. They are proudly woman-owned, minority-owned and drug free. Every day, they come to work with one goal: to get people through their work zones safely and efficiently. Advanced Government Services is committed to Working Hard at Playing It Safe.



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Arti O’Brien / Advanced Government Services

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