Ep. 57 – Aaron Murphy – Founder of ADM Architecture
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Aaron Murphy / ADM Architecture

ADM Architecture was created and founded by Aaron D. Murphy, a Poulsbo, WA Architect with over 15 years of experience in both commercial and residential design, permitting, and construction documents. Over the course of his career, Aaron has been a part of designing and permitting projects of all types, styles, scopes, sizes, and budgets. He has done work within the Seattle area, Kitsap County, King and Pierce counties, and all surrounding areas of Western Washington and the Olympic Peninsula, which total well over 1 million square feet of designed and built commercial and residential projects. He has designed medical “TI” lease office spaces within existing buildings, wood frame construction dental clinics of 5,000 s.f., as well as 100,000 s.f. office and warehouse facilities built in “tilt-up” concrete construction, and small sheds and covered decks too! With his experiences at different firms throughout Seattle, Pierce, and Kitsap counties, his scope of work has increased continuously throughout the past two decades, and many projects can be seen just by driving around in your own towns in this area. Aaron is also a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS).

Aaron is a businessman and an entrepreneur and enjoys giving back to his community. But who else is Aaron, when he’s not at work?

“I love spending time with my beautiful kids and getting outside with them (when our weather allows it) for some nature time and fresh air! Good parenting can be a full-time job easily in its own right, and that keeps me pretty darn busy all by itself, when I’m not at work.

“I strive for balance in my life, as it makes each part of what you do more efficient and beneficial. I enjoy many sports: basketball, baseball, tennis, racquetball, skiing, gym/weights, etc. I am getting back on the tennis court and racquetball court more regularly again. I am also pursuing meditation with a goal of “daily practice,” and I am trying to read more (non-work related) literature that’s been on my shelves for quite a while related to personal growth, spirituality, and related topics. I constantly work to find that balance between work-life and the rest of my life, while still providing the best customer service to my clients!”



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Aaron Murphy / ADM Architecture

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