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Ep. 59 - Robbi Davis - Owner of the Robbi Davis Agency

Robbi Davis / Robbi Davis Agency

Robbi DeWeese Davis grew up in Pine Bluff and graduated from Pine Bluff High School in 1981. After graduating from the University of Central Arkansas in 1985 with a BBA in Marketing Communications, she joined American HMO, Arkansas’ First Health Maintenance Organization in June 1985. In February 1987, Robbi was recruited by Health Advantage, which is now a subsidiary of Arkansas BCBS. She was awarded for top sales 5 consecutive years while serving as an Account Executive at Health Advantage. In September 1992, Robbi was recruited by Prudential where she gained valuable training and was recognized on a national level for top sales production. In 1993, Robbi sold more groups than any agent in the nation for Prudential and was honored at a special ceremony at the Corporate Headquarters in Newark, New Jersey.

In June 1996, Robbi decided that she would be able to serve her customers best if she was an independent agent and opened The Robbi Davis Agency, Inc in June 1996.

The Robbi Davis Agency, Inc. has 9 full time employees and just finished adding additional office space to a new office that they moved to in July 2016. The new office is located at 1909 Hinson Loop Road in west Little Rock. The agency is one of the few agencies that is still 100% locally owned and operated and specializes in employee benefits with a focus on group health insurance. The agency also has an individual health insurance department and a Medicare department. Robbi attributes her success to making the buying decision simple for the consumer and then providing unprecedented service after the sale.

Robbi was instrumental in forming the Chamber Alliance Program which is a Health Insurance Purchasing Group. The CAP is a partnership between the NLR Chamber of Commerce and QualChoice. Robbi has served on Broker Advisory Boards for BCBS, QualChoice and Delta Dental.

Robbi is married to Scott Davis who joined the agency full time in 2014 as CFO and Individual Product Manager. They have been married for 26 years and have two children.



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