Ep. 6 – Jeffrey Metcalf – Owner of Jeffrey S. Metcalf Photography
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Jeffrey Metcalf / Jeffrey S. Metcalf Photography

Jeffrey Metcalf is a native Tulsan that spends his days brokering Commercial Real Estate deals and his nights and weekends shooting photos of Tulsa residents and businesses as the owner of Jeffrey S. Metcalf Photography. Jeffrey obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from The University of Tulsa where he studied Business and discovered his interest in Commercial Real Estate. Because of the friendships he developed at TU, Jeffrey had the opportunity to travel internationally numerous times and it was on these excursions that he found his love for travel and documentary photography. Back in Tulsa working full time as a Commercial Real Estate Broker for CBRE, Jeffrey became more serious about photography and began photographing friends and family for special occasions or on vacations. This led to more serious shoots such as engagement photos, family holiday photos, business headshots, and university graduation photos. Jeffrey spent time developing his skills on various shoots as well as serving on the photography team at Transformation Church in Tulsa where he now leads the team. As his passion for photography grew alongside the demand for his services, Jeffrey decided it was time to begin building his business to become a full-service wedding photographer.



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Jeffrey Metcalf / Jeffrey S. Metcalf Photography

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