Ep. 62 – Isaac Ho – Beometry: Fitness, Therapy & Coaching
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Isaac Ho / Beometry: Fitness, Therapy & Coaching

As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, Isaac Ho has been helping clients make change where change is hard since 2006. He started BeFit Tacoma in 2011 and saw the need for people to make change holistically starting with their thinking rather than just their body and grew the company to Beometry: Fitness, Therapy, and Coaching. On an average day, he could be connecting with new clients about how to break their stuck pattern, working with a client on moving towards their dream job, coaching around emotional eating, work communication, or family dynamics. He supports a team of trainers in their development around how to serve a client inside and outside of their fitness experience.

As a licensed manual therapist his office days may look like treating a knee so a client can break plateaus in their DEA Candidate Training exam, unlocking a frozen shoulder so a client can return to exercise, or supporting a client who is constantly getting sick by managing viral, nutrition and stress factors. From losing over 100 pounds of fat to helping a mom hold her child again clients say the results from the work at Beometry you literally can’t put a dollar amount on! Isaac believes that you are on this planet to experience joy! Anytime you can create more joy in your life you are practicing self-love, by building self-love and letting go of fear we make this place a more wonderful world for everyone. His current joy is the birth of his first son coming in July!



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Isaac Ho / Beometry: Fitness, Therapy & Coaching



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