Ep. 63 – Marnie Clark – Marnie Rae Mocktails
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Marnie Clark / Marnie Rae Mocktails

Marnie Clark is a business owner who has played an integral role for the past 28-years in the multi-million-dollar construction company that she has helped build alongside her husband. Marnie is also the founder of Marnie Rae – a sober lifestyle brand with a focus on handcrafted, alcohol-free cocktails. And while Marnie loves a good AF cocktail she strongly believes this mission is about more than just a drink – it’s about educating and empowering both sides of the bar that this is not just about a cocktail, it’s about giving people the opportunity to make better choices, and to be more inclusive.

Nestled near Hood Canal in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Marnie loves to enjoy the outdoors – hiking, running, paddle-boarding and boating. Traveling and family are high on her list but you can’t leave off the Seahawks or coffee! Being sober has led Marnie to explore a new passion and she is excited to share this with others.

Marnie is recognized as a founder of National Mocktail Week, The Dine and Dream Dinner, and a past producer of The Inspired You Event.

Marine, we welcome you to the Seattle Shrimp Tank!



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Marnie Clark / Marnie Rae Mocktails