Ep. 70 – Dave Fougeron – Owner of Southern Star Brewing Company
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Dave Fougeron / Southern Star Brewing Company

Dave began his beer journey while attending Texas A&M.  Having tasted import beers other than the swill served at most house parties, he began looking for bigger, bolder flavors.  As chance would have it, he acquired a homebrew system from a friend AND a homebrew supply shop opened in College Station.  Dave began to brew at home in 1994, experimenting with ingredients and techniques, eventually placing in several home brew competitions.  After graduation in 1997, he took a job at Saint Arnold Brewing.  Eventually, he left Saint Arnold to start his own path, founding Southern Star Brewing Company in 2007.

Outside of his family, beer is Dave’s one true passion.  It always amazes him that a beverage derived from the humble ingredients of malted barley, hops, yeast and water can be so complex and diverse.  While the landscape of beer is everchanging, something in the beverage calls to our primal need to share conversation, commiseration, and contemplation over a pint or two.  Beer has been humanity’s great social lubricant, bring together people and their ideas for well over 5000 years.  To be a part of that kind of heritage is something very special to him.



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DAVE FOUGERON / Southern Star Brewing Company

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