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Ep. 78 - Scott Talley & Debby Dykes - Founder & Franchise Owner of Network In Action

Scott Talley / Network In Action

A self-described “serial entrepreneur” spearheaded the fifth-fastest frowning company in Houston, Tx. As chief editor for several hyper-local publications, he has helped to market thousands of small to medium businesses to owners in over 37 US states and 2 providences in Canada.  He has a passion for networking and people. He is the father of 4 children and a devoted husband.  He volunteers his time coaching his daughters high school golf team, coaching them all the way to the state finals. Scott is the founder of Network in Action and a graduate of University of St. Thomas with a Ph.D. at “The School of Hard Knocks”.

Network in Action is the fastest growing, professionally lead business networking group in Conroe.  The Network In Action franchise is defined by its approach to members and franchisees, and the way in which we seek to leave the world in a better place thru our community service projects. Network In Action is in over 10 states, has nearly 50 groups and hundreds of members. Network In Action is a professionally run networking group that meets monthly. We at Network In Action believe that the perfect mix of technology and face-to-face networking is the best way to increase your business. NIA brings together a coalition of like-minded individuals who understand the power of networking. Build your business by capitalizing on our state of the art technology and monthly meetings.


Debby Dykes / Network In Action

I’ve been happily married for over 37 years now with two great adult kids and two adorable grandbaby boys.  After 20+ years in the corporate world as a Sales rep and Sales trainer and week after week of travel for a global lab supply company, I decided it was time to retire.  That lasted 2 weeks and I realized I didn’t enjoy just hanging around the house and I really missed the social interaction with people, so I started kicking around the idea of starting my own business and began researching different franchises.  A business broker suggested Network in Action; she loved the business model and had great things to say about the founder and that’s how I met Scott Tally.   Fast forward a couple of months and I am the proud owner of a NIA franchise.  At the time I was new to the Conroe area but what a great way to meet people and give back to my community!  I started building my first networking group in April 2018, launched the first official meeting in August 2018 and have just started recruiting for my 2nd group.





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SCOTT TALLEY / Network In Action

DEBBY DYKES / Network In Action