Ep. 8 – Jacob Johnson – Co-Founder of Gitwit Creative
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Jacob Johnson / Gitwit Creative

Jacob is the co-founder of Gitwit Creative, a digital product and marketing agency, and start-up factory. Over the past 8 years, he has led the creation of everything from global digital campaigns to local social campaigns. Jacob leads the interaction design on all of Gitwit Creative’s interactive projects working closely with the business team and the engineering teams to create compelling apps and websites.

On top of managing a growing client services business, Jacob has co-founded, with partner Dan Fisher, four tech start-ups. Together Jacob and Dan have led the consumer research, built the founding teams, raised seed capital and launched all four of these start-ups from within the walls of their downtown Tulsa office. Together these start-ups have raised over 2 Million dollars in pre-seed and seed funding.



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Jacob Johnson / Gitwit Creative

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