Episode 187 – Neill Wilson – Growing A Small Business

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Neill Wilson / Preserve Roofing

Born in Greensboro, NC and having lived in 8 states and 12 cities in his lifetime, he is no stranger to embracing change or seizing new opportunities. Growing up, he captained a Tier 1 AAA National Hockey Team, as well as setting records in track & field, baseball, and football. Midway through high school he shifted his focus from sports to the arts, where he made the US National Choir, starred as Danny Zuko in Grease, and was later accepted to Berklee College of Music. This diverse background gives him a fiercely competitive spirit, keen creative capabilities, and a fearlessness in leading others. His professional career has been focused primarily within the home industry, where he has managed a window replacement company in New England, building a commercial division for Empire Today, and leading STAINMASTER Carpet’s North American  independent dealer program. Neill left the corporate world in 2018 to start his new venture, Preserve Roofing, a Roof Restoration company. Offering services that include maintenance, repair, cleaning, and shingle rejuvenation, his company is fully committed to helping property owners restore, protect, and preserve the roof they already own – usually for thousands less than traditional replacement.

Neill lives currently resides in Woodstock, GA with his wife and four children.  He is an active participant in his community, volunteering in local education and sports, as well as serving as neighborhood HOA president.  He is passionate about creating positive change and building a company that contributes to the community



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