Episode 190 – Ronnell Richards – Inspiring Success in Business Professionals

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Ronnell Richards / Business & Bourbon LLC

Ronnell has built a career out of creating businesses and developing sales professionals into high-level performers. He’s taught individuals how to feel like part of a team, and perform better as a result. Ronnell has successfully strategized with both small and large businesses to take their progress to the next level. This has given him a unique perspective on success that he brings to every aspect of his life. As an award-winning entrepreneur, Ronnell knows what it takes to aim high, and hit even higher.

Ronnell truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. His style is one that really appeals to Millennials. A self described MilleniOLD, this proud GenXer’s message of self made success and enthusiasm is an inspiration to Sellers and Managers of all ages. Ronnell’s message is one of truth, reality, no BS and humor. His message is to first except our realities, then embrace them so that we can attain success.



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Ronnell Richards / Business & Bourbon LLC