Episode 191 – Jane Reid – Managing Change & Building Winning Teams

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Jane Reid / Can You Imagine

Jane Reid is the CEO at Can You Imagine. Since coaching and mentoring individuals and teams are a part of my DNA, I am passionate about making sure our Can You Imagine? team members are ready to take the company to the next level of success. Together we are exploring all facets of the company to find ways to improve processes which will support our ability to align, connect and drive rewarding outcomes.

Gifts by Can You Imagine? are specifically (and beautifully!) designed for the needs of the multi-family industry. Each apartment gift is made-to-order! We help property managers obtain and retain residents one quality gift at a time. Your residents are your greatest asset…gift accordingly! Shop creative welcome gifts, welcome baskets, move-in gifts, walk-away and lease renewal gifts and more at www.canyouimagine.com.

For our valued customers, I look forward to meeting you and learning how we can give you more of what you want and need in your gift giving programs. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you as your thoughtfully prepared gifts help build meaningful relationships with your residents and inspire great referrals.



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Jane Reid / Can You Imagine