Episode 194 – Jefferson Stallcup – Keeping Your Business Safe

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Jefferson Stallcup / Atlanta Safe House

I grew up as a farm boy in central Wisconsin. I was enrolled into Rawhide Boys Ranch started by Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers. I left Rawhide after a year. In 2006 I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago. I moved to Phoenix and worked as a loan originator until the market crash in late 2007. I worked for Knight Transportation until 2013. I moved from Phoenix to Mexico. Started Northern Star Services, an asset based freight forwarder in 2014. Grew the company from a letter of authority and a surety bond to 50+ trucks and 10 solid customers. I left in 2016 after a conversation with my partner went sideways. I was grossing $5 million in sales and services in January of 2016. In 2017 I moved to Nashville from Mexico, met Mark Brasfield and we created Atlanta Safe House in May of 2018 and opened the doors in September of 2018. I have a wife, an immigrant from Mexico and we have a daughter due in December. I am always studying and learning. I am 4th technician in Ebmas Wing Chun kung fu, I am a mechanic, a gun Smith, I am a professional safe mover and safe cracker. I am currently teaching myself C# programming language. I clearly am a Jack of all trades and other than carpentry, I am proficient in anything that uses logic, your hands or coordination. I’m also a die hard conservative with a high functioning case of ADHD.



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Jefferson Stallcup / Atlanta Safe House