Episode 197 – Mike Rubio & Vince Mancuso – Maintaining Positivity Through Adversity

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Mike Rubio / Blue Frog Construction

Mike Rubio is a seasoned sales professional with first-hand knowledge and understanding of the construction industry. He grew up assisting relatives in the industry since he was fifteen years old. He has operated his own business since 2003 and built and or renovated over 150 homes from 2003-2004. He has completed over $65 million worth of commercial construction since then.  His position within Blue Frog, LLC is Chief Operations Officer, where he oversees all aspects of construction for Blue Frog, LLC using Job Costing Software to make sure every project stays on schedule and under budget. He is a committed team player with a strong desire to get the job done.




Vince Mancuso / Blue Frog Construction

Vince Mancuso has a passion for creating processes and efficient ways to solve problems.  He also enjoys all aspects of the building process. In 2004, he left the corporate world to open Blue Frog, LLC and create a business doing all the things he loves.  Since that time, the business has grown from a regional Georgia company to currently servicing the entire Southeast.  A graduate of Georgia Tech, Vince is one of two managing partners whose primary focus is process development and office management. As Chief Financial Officer, he constantly strives to analyze each situation and come up with better, more efficient ways to carry out each project.







Lee R. Heisman / Savant, LLC

Ted Jenkin /Oxygen Financial

Mike Rubio / Blue Frog Construction

Vince Mancuso / Blue Frog Construction