The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Episode 211 - Cassie Craig - Following Your Smile

Cassie Craig / CAS Med Spa

Cassie Craig is a lifelong entrepreneur and mother of 5 (with a sixth on the way!) and is currently working on completing her BSN to pursue her goal of working as an aesthetics injector within her business, CAS Med Spa, that is located in the metro Atlanta area with two locations.

Cassie has her Bachelor’s degree in Education along with her medical aesthetics licensure through the state of Georgia. She also maintains certifications as a master-level personal trainer, nutrition counselor, business coach, and life coach. She instills the highest-standards for herself – and her team, requiring her clinicians have a minimum of 100 hours of continuing education annually. Having worked as a consultant and educator in the aesthetics realm of business for years herself, she values highly the growth and development of her company as well as the individuals who comprise it.

Cassie’s vision for CAS Med Spa is rooted in her own personal journey of transformation. Since the age of 21, she found herself needing a healthier lifestyle, one that made self-care a priority, and one that resulted in fully reaching her potential as a successful and powerful woman with true internal and external beauty. Committed to being her best self, Cassie embarked on a journey of holistic self-care and entrepreneurship that left her feeling – and looking – healthy, vibrant and empowered.

Cassie began her professional career with a small boutique-style ladies’ health club in the North Georgia mountains. Within months of opening, she had a successful and marketable business, realizing her gift in creating systems behind her product that would prove valuable in the next year when she was approached by her first commercial buyer. She sold that business and continued the process of building and selling businesses for the next 12 years.

Today at CAS Med Spa, Cassie and her team of best-in-class medical aestheticians, nurses, and physicians work to help every client create their own personal path toward self-care. The approach is evidence-based and designed to empower clients to make educated choices about the treatments that best meet their needs. Cassie Craig brings the highest of standards and gives the best of herself wherever she goes, thus maximizing outcomes in her business, her family, and her life as a whole.



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