The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Eric J. Ellis - Founder of MadeYouLook Media

Eric J. Ellis / MadeYouLook Media

Eric J. Ellis has been an entrepreneur for most of his professional career. His latest project is MadeYouLook Media ( a creative agency specializing in helping low tech companies leverage the internet.

Ellis has founded two internet startups and now he uses his experience as a pathfinder for companies that are not traditionally tech oriented. MadeYouLook Media offers website design and application development as well as a variety of services both front and backend.

“We help our clients make good decisions about how to better approach the web and then we help them execute that vision. We know the front and backend of tech so they don’t have to.” he says.

Ellis has a history of success and firsts online: In 2002 he founded as a means to sell photos for his Atlanta photography studio. While he was CEO from 2002-2010, he helped transition the school, sports, and volume photography segment to internet ordering. “We were on a mission to put the paper school photo ordering envelope online, and we succeeded.”

He also helped school photographers use green screen photography to allow students to select and change backgrounds online for the first time. We were the first to help photographers execute both prepaid orders with barcoded receipts and green screen ordering within a single online system.

Mr. Ellis says that the most rewarding part of his past work was being able to help his clients modernize their businesses and really leverage digital and web technology. “I continue that work today, but now with a much wider target audience, if you have a business of any size we can help. MadeYouLook Media’s mission is very simple, we make the internet work for our clients.”



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Eric J. Ellis/ MadeYouLook Media

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