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Estate Planning, Financial and Tax Planning - Brad Berger

Brad Berger / Cornerstone Financial Advisors & IdealLife360

Brad is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, author, speaker, and coach who has almost three decades of comprehensive financial planning, coaching, and career counseling experience.Brad has several areas of focus and to highlight just a few include estate planning strategies, retirement income strategies, charitable giving, and wealth preservation strategies.

Brad is also Master Certified Integrative Life Coach through Integrative Wellness Academy.Brad also serves on the faculty of the Integrative Wellness Academy and is the head instructor and creator of the Holistic Life Planner certification course.  Ask him about the ‘Prime Time Myth’ and about the Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt!

Brad is involved in his communities.  He serves on the KBTC Association Board of Directors and is active in the Civil Air Patrol and serves as the Deputy Commander for Cadets and Chief Orientation Pilot for Renton Composite Squadron and Command Pilot for Angel Flight West.  These are just two examples!

Brad enjoys spending time with wife Beth, two sons, two grown twin daughters, and their yellow lab, Zeus.  The entire family enjoys winter skiing and Brad spends his summers wakeboarding, wake surfing and hydro foiling!  And a little bit more about Brad, he is an avid aviator and is a commercially rated instrument land/sea pilot!

Brad believes that life and financial planning is not an event, it is a journey!

Brad, it has been a journey with you here on the Seattle Shrimp Tank!


Contact Information:

Name of company or business: Cornerstone Financial Strategies
Company Phone Number – 253-756-2003
Company Website

Name of company or business: IdealLife360
Company Phone Number – 1-844-LIFE-360
Company Website



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Brad Berger / Cornerstone Financial Strategies & IdealLife360