The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Evan Blair & Ross Flurry - Co-founders of The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network

Evan Blair & Ross Flurry – The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network

Evan Blair is a lifelong resident of The Woodlands, TX, After college, career changes from golf to retail to outside sales, and his first few business startup attempts, he recently took ownership of  his family’s business, Global Print Group.

After struggling for many years to find a group that best suited the development of future business owners, entrepreneurs, and dreamers in our area, he met with a great man and friend, Ross Flurry. He wanted to discuss the possibility of changing the way business owners and entrepreneurs network, communicate, and grow their businesses together. What started as a simple premise of collaboration instead of competition has turned into a driving force of spirited and enthusiastic individuals with huge aspirations to develop themselves and their community. Our monthly meetings have shown tremendous growth in numbers of regular attendees, new attendees, quality speakers, incredible venues, and commerce being transacted amongst what is now known as The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network.


For over 10 years, Ross Flurry has maneuvered through the ups and downs of the lending business. He has run numerous teams and offices in Florida, Louisiana, and now Houston, TX. With a new office and new opportunities in The Woodlands, Ross has quickly risen to be one of the areas top mortgage lenders. But more impressive is his desire to CONNECT people. In December of 2015, just one short year ago, he and his business partner Evan Blair, established The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network. (TWYEN) As a co-founder, Ross leads the day to day activities and business planning for this network that has built a following of nearly 2,000 local business owners and professionals in less than a year.

Ross has found that by simply finding an avenue to collaborate and connect others in the area, he can be a vessel for newcomers in the area who are looking to connect with others in order to grow their businesses. He has a strong passion for bridging the gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials in the area by being the Connector between the two and providing opportunities they may be able to do business together. That, in turn, achieves the goal of his to shatter the view of the “entitled Millennial” and become a demographic the Baby Boomers can respect, learn from, and reach new achievements with.



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EVAN BLAIR / The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network

ROSS FLURRY / The Woodlands Young Entrepreneurs Network

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