Five Jobs You Can Outsource Today

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Five Jobs You Can Outsource Today

Growing up in a small town, we used to handle all our own chores.  There were no cleaning services that came to the house, no extra special coaches for lessons (the high school coach did it all), and nobody brought groceries to the house.  People banter about the impact of technology and how that has affected our society, but not often have people talked about the changing dynamics of outsourcing.  If you really don’t want to do something, there is a person waiting in the wings to get paid to do it for you.   Here is my list of five things you can outsource today.

  • Waiting In – Task rabbit will allow you to outsource a ton of different tasks, but if you want to pay someone to wait in line for the next Star Wars move that comes out, no problem they can find you your man (or woman) for the job.
  • Walking Your Dog – (load the app WAG)- Want a person who will do the dirty work of walking your dog when you aren’t up for the challenge. (When the app loads it says loading in PAWGRESS…get it…lol).  They make it easy for you put in your location and your information and get yourself a dog walker.
  • Never Assemble Furniture – Do you remember the first time you put together a piece of IKEA furniture only to have four loose pieces at the end of the job leftover? Zembleee says that if it comes with instructions they can build it for you.  Might be better than the frustration of reading instructions that never make sense anyway.
  • Answering Your Phone – – It’s hard to explain to people why you don’t respond to their texts within a split second or have delays in returning their calls. Maybe your best bet is to hand over the simple task of answering your phone to a third party.  Ruby’s service can answer your phone and even help you take action on your calls.
  • Just about anything – – You need an assistant or someone to take care of everyday tasks? Zirtual is great for professionals and entrepreneurs that need help with picking up personal items, doing research, or handling scheduling.

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Five Jobs You Can Outsource Today