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Georgia's #1 Virtual Shooting Range

Brian Dixon / Owner of Insight Virtual Ballistics

Brian Dixon started in the security field as a security specialist in United States Marine Corps. Working at various Aviation air groups throughout the world, including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Hawaii, and California, He quickly rose to be in charge of different security divisions and special billets within the USMC. Upon being discharged from the military, he promptly started a security firm in 1993 and became a JV Partner with larger security firms throughout the southeast. He started and sold two regional security firms from Georgia to North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.  In 2021, Brian opened Insight Virtual Ballistics, a shooting entity designed to satisfy your passion for weaponry. Guests can engage with virtual shooting range partners or train with one of their certified instructors.  IVB trains law enforcement and other organizations during the day and will ultimately include an entertainment/nightlife set up at night.



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Lee Heisman / Savant CTS

Brian Dixon / Insight Virtual Ballistics