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Grant Crowell - The Urban Foresters

Grant Crowell – The Urban Foresters

Grant Crowell started in the Texas marketplace as ‘the tree guy’ to most people who knew him professionally. However, at the level of the heart, Grant is a servant; to God and to his brother.

Grant graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry in 2003. While seeking his calling Grant gained experience working with The United States Forest Service in Big Sky country and served for a year as a Christian youth missionary in Australia. Returning stateside, Grant entered the green industry and quickly became a Certified Arborist. For the following 12 years he committed to mastering the tree-care business and leveraging arboriculture to increase safety, beauty and bottom line for all he served.

In 2010 Grant committed to creating a deeper legacy as an entrepreneur and launched The Urban Foresters. Fueled by his faith and the love of his new young family, Grant grew his company from zero to around 30 employees in 3 years. Grant volunteers with Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church in Sugar Land , The Houston Apartment Association , The Community Associations Institute and the The Lumen Institute .

Some peers have suggested Grant eats, sleeps, and breathes ‘trees’, but this is simply untrue. The truth is that Grant constantly craves Mexican food, adventures with his wife and three kids (fourth on the way,) and making himself and those around him better people through hard work and charity.



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