Hanuman Nandanampati – Founder & CEO of SVK Systems

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Hanuman Nandanampati / SVK Systems

Hanuman Nandanampati came to USA in 1993 as a student to complete his master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. After the graduation, he worked in several companies such as Inrange, ADC Telecom, Regions etc., as a Software Engineer for 11 years.

He started SVK Systems in 2003 to provide Computer IT Solutions to various mid-range companies primarily for help desk solutions. Today SVK has nearly 550 consultants working all over USA for many big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Wells Fargo, FedEx, Verizon etc.

SVK is a Gold certified partner for Microsoft and Oracle companies and we provide and support IT solutions in Business Intelligence, Data management, Cloud and CRM applications. We are the fastest growing company in Georgia and Inc 5000 certified company for last several years.

We have nearly 50 Million dollars revenue and our branch offices exist in several locations such as Fremont, CA, St Louis, MO, Houston, TX, Rochelle Park, NJ.



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Hanuman Nandanampati / SVK Systems

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