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Houston Ep. 79 - Craig Williams - Excalibur Pest Control

Craig Williams / Excalibur Pest Control

Excalibur has been around for close to 35 (1983) years now but we purchased it back in 1996 and it has been operated by my family ever since.  We strive to serve families with the most up to date and current methods of pest control that takes into consideration the entire families needs.  From innovations in general pest control, termite control, fire ant and animal removal to honey bee relocation and re-population.

Craig is married to Brandy Williams, they have 3 children together.  He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and Houston Graduate School of Theology and is a Certified Applicator in state of Texas.  He is also the host of The Homeowners Show Podcast.



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CRAIG WILLIAMS / Excalibur Pest Control