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Houston Shrimp Tank Episode 94 - Tish Humphrey - Curves Conroe and Huntsville

Tish Humphrey / Curves Conroe and Huntsville

Tish Humphrey grew up in Magnolia Gardens and then moving to Huntsville she graduated from SHSU and never left.  Upon retiring from the City of Huntsville after 20 years of using her Computer Science degree, she already owned two Curves.  Tish and her husband Russell have two SHSU graduates also – Justin and Samantha.  Their children grew up in an entrepreneurial environment; Justin chose the corporate route and Samantha has an online boutique business, Barbwire Barbie and another successful social marketing business. Curves has allowed Tish’s passion for people and problem solving to continue throughout the last 20 years; she continues to learn more about a healthy lifestyle and finds ways to help others do the same!


Tish served on Huntsville City Council from 2011 to 2019 and now that seat is filled by her husband.

Tish has served in many capacities in the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce and is a member of it and the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber as well as the Montgomery County Association of Business Women.

She enjoys working on committees to benefit CASA of Walker County as well as other events.



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Ashleigh Alwood / Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber

Tish Humphrey / Curves Conroe and Huntsville