eDiscovery for Law Firms – Clayton Romero & Shawn Arnold

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Clayton Romero / Co-Founder of CodexTen

Clayton Romero cut his teeth in the information technology world, spending more nearly two decade helping businesses meet their goals through the use of technology. For the last ten years he’s spent his time in the legal world guiding law firms through a rapidly changing landscape of technology, security, and compliance. Together with Shawn Arnold, he started CodexTen to help law firms take advantage of cutting-edge technology to get better results for their clients and themselves.

In his personal time, Clayton writes and produces audio fiction and audiobooks. When he’s not recording a book or innovating with C10, he’s spending time with his wife and two daughters.



Shawn Arnold / Co-Founder of CodexTen

Shawn Arnold is an entrepreneur and career technology professional. His 25-year career has spanned both software and infrastructure services ranging from seed-funded start-up to medium-sized national firms. Prior to founding CodexTen, Shawn spent the previous 10 years of his career as a fractional CIO, providing executive IT strategy and consulting for small to medium-sized organizations across the United States. He has also successfully raised seed capital for two technology start-ups and owned a restaurant and bar in Atlanta.

When not working, Shawn is a podcaster (TMIPod), avid poker player, and sports fan. He earned a Bachlors of Business Administration degree from Mercer University in Macon, GA where he was a scholarship baseball player and remains actively involved with the Mercer Athletic Foundation. Shawn is married and lives in Smyrna, GA with his wife, Holly, and their black and tan coonhound, Barnsley.


Recognizing wasteful inefficiencies in traditional approaches to eDiscovery, CodexTen was created to bring cost-saving, innovative ways of handling eDiscovery while increasing employee satisfaction. Our experience with business strategy, law firm management, and legal technology across hundreds of clients uniquely qualifies us to see the challenges inside law firms differently. At CodexTen we’re focused on removing the knowledge and technology barriers that prevent law firms from taking full advantage of Artificial Intelligence tools and being tied up with managing evidence and productions. We manage all of a firm’s eDiscovery and evidence-handling needs. In addition, we’ll be able to generate business intelligence, efficiency models, and true case cost metrics to firms using our service.



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Clayton Romero / CodexTen

Shawn Arnold / CodexTen