The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
How to Become a Better Leader

Chris McAlister / Founder of SightShift

Since 2000, Chris has been obsessed with how leaders grow and develop. In addition to seeding the foundation of his career, this passion helped Chris navigate a very pivotal and unforeseen crisis. It was opportunity to apply what he had learned over the previous decade that brought about a shift in Chris, from “knowing” to truly “understanding” what it meant to lead. This new awareness sparked a journey of discovery and experimentation that would lead Chris to author a process by which any motivated leader could operate at the edge of their abilities.

Over the past 12 years, Chris has delivered this process to small and mid-market company founders, physicians, and Fortune 100 executives, venture fund managers and serial entrepreneurs as well as professional athletes and non-profit directors, Chris founded SightShift to help organizations operationalize the transformation of their leaders, producing sustainable revenue and profit growth beyond their expectations. Today, Chris proudly serves and leads the movement from his offices in Columbus, Ohio.



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Chris McAlister / SightShift