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The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
How to Do a Zoom Makeover

Shelley Golden / Owner of Shelley Golden Style

Shelley Golden is an International Personal Branding Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist and Certified Color Consultant with more than 20 years of experience and is the owner of Shelley Golden Style.




As a result of COVID 19, Shelley created The Zoom Makeover, a 5-step process to help you up-level your online screen presence to create a more professional image, increase engagement and improve rapport with your client. By balancing psychology and art, she helps you elevate your brand by aligning everything in your zoom box.

As 4th generation in the clothing and fashion business and having lived in Europe and the Middle East for 15 years, Shelley’s rich experience as an image consultant, fashion stylist, costume designer, costume historian, tailor and certified color consultant puts her in a unique category to understand what it takes to create a powerful and successful image both in-person and on-line.

Shelley Golden
Executive Presence Consultant
Personal Branding Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist
Zoom Makeover Expert
Certified Color Consultant



Dan Weedin / First Underwriters Insurance Brokers

James Alberson / Top Tier Training & Development Inc

Shelley Golden / Shelley Golden Style