The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Perry Maughmer / Founder of Relentless Leadership

Perry began his own Relentless Leadership odyssey that began in December of 1990.  He has served in senior leadership roles in companies like Just For Feet, Schmidt Nursery Company, Winnscapes, CORT Furniture Rental, Alliance Data, Fiserve, Idegy, and American Ear Hearing & Audiology.

In 2015 Perry left the corporate world and now dedicates his time exclusively to Maughmer & Company, LLC.  This human potentiality consultancy focuses exclusively on inspiring and empowering leaders to create a better world for themselves, their families, their communities, and their organizations and does an integrated set of offerings centered on community, clarity and coalition.

  • His multiple Vistage peer advisory groups in the central Ohio area that offers business leaders the opportunity to be part of a leadership community of practice.
  • The partnership Synergistic Systems HC offers clarity through leveraging data to make better hires, predict candidate success, and better execute on strategy.
  • Perry also created Relentless Leadership so that individuals and team can build coalitions through the purposeful exploration of the art and science of positively impacting the emotional states of those we care about.

Perry believes the path to a better future is paved through better leadership and that it is the responsibility of each person to be the leader they were meant to be.



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Perry Maughmer / Relentless Leadership