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The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
How to Inspire a New Generation of Employees

Scott DiGiammarino / CEO of MovieComm

Scott DiGiammarino is the CEO and Founder of MovieComm (  MovieComm is the first and only company, in the history of Hollywood, to gain legal access to the major studios movie clip libraries for use in Leadership Communications, E-Learning and Presentations.

With virtually unlimited applications, Scott found that movie clips can help todays leaders motivate, engage and communicate with their teams in a short, entertaining and memorable manner. This is especially relevant for those leaders who have a millennial workforce who have limited attention spans, crave to be entertained while they learn and who love short video.

Before MovieComm, Scott spent 25 years as an award winning senior executive at American Express.  During his tenure, he accomplished many things including:

  • Winning the “Leader of the Decade”
  • The prestigious “Diamond Ring “
  • Becoming an in-demand keynote speaker

In 1992, Scott took an underperforming region, which was ranked #173 out of 176, to #1, in exactly a one -year period.  And they maintained that ranking for almost two decades.  A record that still stands today, within all of American Express.

Part of Scott’s winning strategy was to use movie clips, in an internal email campaign, to share his principles, values and life lessons.  He and his teams found that the clips were so compelling that they made a massive difference in people’s lives, not only professionally, but personally.

So, in 2002, he started negotiating with the Hollywood studios about forming a strategic partnership. He believed that together, they could help change the world.

It took over 9.5 years to finally get a yes, but in 2011, he signed his first major studio contract. And today, MovieComm has become one of the globes easiest, innovative and fun online tools to help todays leaders lead.

In his spare time, Scott sits on multiple boards and mentor’s numerous executives. He’s been featured in many publications including Variety Magazine, Fast Company, and the NY Times bestselling book, Likeonomics.

He also recently gave a TED Talk entitled, “Why Movies Move Us” which was about the impact that movies have on people and the neuroscience behind it. And he just announced that he will become the host of a new podcast called, “Inspirational, Motivational Leadership” which is set to debut on July 1.

Finally, Scott’s passion is all about helping people.  He believes in the worlds ability to truly accomplish great things and he’s dedicated his life to helping people maximize their real potential.



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