The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
How To Master Your Personal & Business Cash Flow

Doug Peterson / Founder of Get Priorities Straight

Doug Peterson has been an entrepreneur for 37 years and an executive coach for the last 17.  Like many of you he has built businesses from the ground up, and what’s more, he has coached hundreds of business owners to reduce issues and challenges and work to their strengths, getting out of their own way.

In building this business, he saw a repeated pattern of business owners whose personal spending is completely unknown to them, and often, out of control. To close this gap he has developed a proprietary process to Get Priorities Straight and master your personal cash flow.

None of us have enough time to get everything done, stay on top of our personal finances, and do what we’re passionate about. Not to mention anticipating infrequent expenses and staying on the same page with our partners. Doug helps pull back the curtain on your personal finances and move from reactive to proactive and implements a time-effective system – for the health of both your personal and business finances and stay on top of them, for good.



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Doug Peterson / Get Priorities Straight