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The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
How to Protect YOUR Business from Fraud - John Ray

John Ray / Fortify Consulting LLC

John has built a career specializing in Fraud and Analytics for over a decade, making an impact in multiple industries to help companies significantly reduce fraud losses, cut operations expenses, protect and restore company brands and relationships, and scale fraud management practices to sustainable heights under tight budgets. His unique blend of analytical expertise, deep fraud domain knowledge, and executive presence has proven key to driving enterprise-wide fraud strategy changes, leading to millions in prevented fraud losses, better customer experience, and an emboldened mindset for business expansion.



Significant Accomplishments

Revenue Protection and Enablement
•Protected $200M+ in annual revenues from recurrent and new threats
•Protected nearly $6B in annual consumer credit lending from recurrent and new threats
•Launched new third-party solutions that secure consumer lending services while driving $10M+
in net new revenues

Operational Excellence
•Successfully defended statistical analyses in administrative law hearings, leading to successful
recoupment of over $3M
•Counteracted multiple large-scale attacks while protecting over 95% of funds at risk (over $25M
in prevented losses)

Innovative and Novel Solutions
•Co-Invented a synthetic ID detection system currently used by a major US Credit Bureau
•Developed innovative/novel tax fraud detection solution with one of the top Tax Preparation
services in the US
•Developed 2 real time risk assessment engines with automated treatments

Career History

Starting from the ground up, John has developed algorithms, statistical models, and machine learning solutions to detect and mitigate fraud in various industries, in both the public and private sector. From there, he led the development of two real-time risk assessment engines; one internally built and the other, a patchwork of vendor solutions. Both launches were successful in yielding in total over $25M+ in fraud losses prevented while reducing call center volume by 50-70%. While a “builder” at heart, John has also supported operations teams throughout his career by assisting investigations, developing policies/procedures, managing alerts to ensure efficient and valuable reviews, and even defending analysis in court as an expert witness. He started Fortify Consulting to follow his passion of identifying and managing fraud, helping businesses scale profitably, and make commerce a little safer for good consumers and businesses.


John holds a bachelor’s in quantitative finance and a master’s in applied statistics, both from the University of Alabama. As such, he is a huge Crimson Tide football fan. He enjoys spending free time with his wife and two children as well as continuously expanding his new post-COVID home gym.



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John Ray / Fortify Consulting LLC