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Jaret Malleo & Preston Levandowski / Co-Hosts of the Kickin’ It Back Podcast

Jaret is a student at The Ohio State University where he studies Business with a specialization in Finance. In his 4th year at tOSU, he has achieved over a 3.9 GPA and has also appeared on the dean’s list every semester of schooling. During his time at school, he founded an organization called “BetterSelf2Day” in which the group motivates each member to set goals where they are also held accountable for those goals.

When he is not working or completing schoolwork, you can find him on the golf course or even in the podcast studio co-hosting an episode of “Kickin’ it Back” which is a leisure-style podcast that allows the listeners and guests to give themself some time to relax and kickback. He has aspirations of one day being able to talk in front of crowds of people and plans to continue to do everything in his power to accomplish that.

Preston is currently a senior at The Ohio State University. He is from a small town called Brunswick, Ohio. There is not a whole lot to do in this small town which is what led him to want to start a podcast. When he is not podcasting, he’s usually playing golf, hanging out with his loved ones, or working out. On top of that he recently just started up his own real estate business called PSL REAL ESTATE LLC. He usually likes to live in the moment, but is super excited to see where this podcast and career in real estate take him.



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Jaret Malleo & Preston Levandowski / Kickin’ It Back Podcast