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Ingemar Anderson / President & Founder of Kitsap Publishing

ingemar-anderson-headshotIngemar Anderson / Kitsap Publishing

Ingemar Anderson is a founder of four successful businesses, book author, professional speaker, investor, analyst executive offering 25+ years of experience leading cross-functional teams of technical experts and business management.


Mr. Anderson received his Master of Business Administration M.B.A. with a specialty in Finance in 2004 and has over twenty years of experience working with and leading cross-functional teams to invent, design, implement, validate, market, sell and operate business systems. He has advised and supported executive management of many Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries like finance, life science, manufacturing, retail, logistics, media/entertainment, education, legal, software, and automotive. Ingemar Anderson has extensive experience in successfully converting complex business ideas and technological challenges into profitable business solutions.


Ingemar started Kitsap Publishing in September 2014 in response to a strong demand from many local and regional authors for a service to convert their manuscripts into physical and electronic books. Quickly, Kitsap Publishing has evolved into a known authority for book publishing, and has since 2016 started offering a new program called “Publishing for Professionals (TM).” With several professional authors and speakers already onboard, Kitsap Publishing thrives to provide reliable and high quality services for authors who are looking for book design work, book printing, fulfillment and other logistical services to complement their own business activities like professional speaking, business or life-coaching.. (


Besides Kitsap Publishing, Ingemar started four other businesses:

In 2008 Bainbridge Island Investments LLC, a company that invests retirement funds

In 2013 Reprospace LLC, which is the legal entity that runs Kitsap Printing, an innovative local commercial printing company (

In 2014 AssetVault LLC, which is the legal name of the trade name Kitsap Publishing

And in 2016 Baring First Capital LLC, which is an asset management company that mostly holds real estate assets for rental purposes



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Ingemar Anderson / Kitsap Publishing

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